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What is BioScan Technology?

Did you know?

The BioScan System is a class II, FDA registered device, technology similar to an EKG machine. It measures stressed, weakened, and balanced meridians to better support your core functional health. The BioScan proprietary database stores over 80,000 energetic fingerprints that may be stressors to the system. Your practitioner, Maralee Santo, can scan thousands of stressors in just a few minutes right in the office. Using the data gathered from the BioScan, Maralee can easily create a personalized plan to help balance your body. The BioScan does not diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Maralee offers a compassionate and non-judgemental space for curating a personalized wellness path. These sessions invite balance and rejuvenation in both mind and body. 


Meet Maralee

Maralee Santo is a certified BioScan Practitioner with an emphasis in emotional stress reduction. Her love for natural healing modalities began 22 years ago when her third child had serious complications that were not being resolved—that is, until she discovered BioScan technology. She practices a three-pronged approach to healing: addressing mind, body, and soul for balance and overall wellness.

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Call or Text 385.325.0755

  • Full Body Scan - 60 mins - $85

  • Emotional Release - 30 mins - $40

  • Allergy Assessment - 45 mins - $65

  • Wellness Coaching Session - 60 mins - $100

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