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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Bio-Scan testing and how to come prepared for your first session!


What should I wear or bring with me for my BioScan session?

Wear comfortable clothing and bring supplements that you are currently taking or may have questions about. It is recommended to come very well hydrated and avoid wearing any lotions, skin creams. perfumes, or scents of any kind.


What should I expect to feel after a session?

Some clients report feeling extremely relaxed after their session while others describe feeling recharged and "high energy." It can vary person to person.


What are the most common symptoms that BioScan sessions address?

Some of the most commonly addressed symptoms include headaches, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, and weight management. This technology, however, can address over 80,000 specific symptoms. Be sure to share with your practitioner whatever symptoms you may be currently be experiencing.


How many sessions are recommended?

It's recommended that each client experience a minimum of four sessions for the most optimal outcomes. With that said, it may be fewer or more based upon your personal readings and wellness plan.

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